Digital Patient Concierge Platform

Helping hospitals and medical groups to reach patients like never before.

How Can We Help?

Our digital, text-based virtual agents empower health systems to do more with less – and look good doing it.

For Everyone

We engage all of your patient population using readily available mobile channels and easy-to-follow prompts.


Our cloud-based platform enables you to leverage your data to automate any patient communication workflow.


We digitize your communications in a uniquely personalized manner using two-way texts, emails and IVR calls.


Our platform’s use cases are highly configurable and can either be fully or partially automated – we’re flexible.

Explore Our Platform’s Use Cases

Secure, scalable and HIPAA-compliant communication workflows with no app downloads or portal logins required for patients.

Interactive Messaging

Digitize patient conversations using a multichannel approach designed for the way people use their phones today.
  • Delivers personalized, two-way SMS texting, emails and IVR phone calls
  • Provides customized blast messaging for on-demand patient communications
  • Highly configurable and can easily integrate with other EHR applications to feed data back and forth

Workflow Automation

Radically improve patient journeys by speeding up manual processes and reducing variability in customer service.
  • Performs rule-based workflow tasks that provide your patients with instant access to an unlimited range of concierge services
  • Assists your staff by automating repetitive tasks, eliminating manual errors and managing workflow handoffs between different teams
  • Streamlines operations by connecting patient access, customer service and marketing workflows through a single platform
  • Enables providers to get the most out of EHR investments by using your existing data to make many complicated decisions simultaneously

Referral Management

Convert new or existing patient referrals to scheduled appointments without making outbound calls.
  • Expedites scheduling of referrals and orders by automating the majority of outreach coordination activities
  • Utilizes a multichannel contact approach that prompts patients to schedule their appointment
  • Consolidates referral scheduling activities into a single workflow, and automates delivery of status updates back into the EHR system

Real-Time Patient Feedback

Collect valuable consumer insights and drive service recovery in real-time with short mobile surveys.
  • Facilitates an easier, faster way for patients to provide timely feedback with 4x higher response rates than traditional methods
  • Delivers immediate insight into actionable opportunities to perform service recovery and grow patient loyalty
  • Provides details on what patients loved about their experience as well as the ability to post feedback to online review sites

Appointment Autofill

Keep provider schedules full by automatically filling cancelled or newly added appointments in real-time using our proven multichannel approach.
  • Expedites appointment wait times by enabling scheduled patients to add themselves to a waitlist
  • Automatically gets patients in for an appointment as quickly as possible at times that work with their schedule
  • Leverages your custom rule templates to ensure patients are seen by the right provider, at the right time and location

No-Show Prevention

Reduce gaps in patient care, minimize clinical workflow interruptions and protect revenue.
  • Delivers customized appointment reminders with easy cancellation and rescheduling capabilities
  • Monitors your schedule and notifies your staff of any appointments that violate your custom rule templates
  • Provides targeted overbooking recommendations by analyzing patterns and trends in your scheduling data to identify areas of high no-show risk

Appointment Transportation

Help patients get to their next appointment on time using ride-sharing transportation reminders.
  • Allows providers to easily initiate ridesharing transportation services for their patients
  • Identifies scheduled patients that will require non-emergency medical transportation to their upcoming appointment
  • Asks customized screening questions to determine whether your patients qualify for non-emergency medical transportation coverage

Patient Payment

Accelerate patient balance collections using convenient bill reminders and flexible payment options.
  • Automatically alerts your patients of the current bill amount and/or any prior balances due for payment
  • Provides customized payment options, including the ability to submit payment online
  • Allows your staff to view all payment coordination activity within our platform’s secure dashboard

Financial Assistance

Reduce bad debt by identifying funding sources for uninsured patients prior to their next visit.
  • Provides your patients with a more comfortable method to disclose financial hardship in a timely and confidential manner
  • Increases awareness of financial assistance availability to your patients who may not realize they qualify for help
  • Automates collection of data required by funding sources using your financial assistance evaluation questionnaire

Reporting & Analytics

Translate patient data into actionable insights with analytics tools designed for flexibility and greater control.
  • Centralized reporting across the entire healthcare organization, including flexibility to drill down to department-level details
  • Sophisticated dashboards to track the effectiveness of your patient experience initiatives in real-time, enabling on-the-fly adjustments
  • Custom reporting capabilities to easily visualize historical trends in patient interactions and satisfaction levels